Rio Music Manager

Rio Music Manager 2.96

You have bought a Rio player? This program is for you!
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Rio Music Manager will ease transferring of your music to your Rio player but not only. The program will also help you to arrange the music on your PC and copy it on CD. Although Rio Music Manager is only compatible with Rio players: Rio S10, Rio Fuse, Rio Cali, Rio Chiba, Rio Nitrus, Rio Eigen, Rio Karma and others, you can use it just as an usual music manager. Whatever condition your audio files may have, Rio Music Manager will put them in order by different categories such as albums, artists, genres, songs and playlists. The searching option will help you to find everything you need among your audio collection. Rio Music Manager offers other possibilities. It is ridiculously easily and quickly to copy audio files from your CD’s using Rio Music Manager. You only need to click once and wait several minutes. With the same easiness you can copy your favorite music to your Rio player just dragging the files to the shortcut in Rio Music Manager. The program gives the opportunity to refresh the music in your Rio player with your new audio files automatically or delete audio files when your Rio player is full automatically as well.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • Easily to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to download


  • Compatible only with Rio players
  • Saving MP3 files only with a premium upgrade
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